The Extended Demo is Here!

It's March 4th--National Marching Band Day! And to celebrate, we have a treat for you!

Introducing the release of the Band Camp Boyfriend extended demo! Includes an extra day of content, never-before-heard music such as a drum cadence, and a hidden bad ending! We have wanted to do this for a while to thank all of you for your patience and support, and to reassure you that we're still alive and back to working on the game.

Download the extended demo (still for free!) and let us know what you think! We'll be livestreaming it later this month so look forward to that as well. :)

<3 Lovebird Games

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Mar 04, 2021
Mar 04, 2021

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YESSSS! This is awesome! thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication! 

Thank you <3

I was expecting this! THANK YOU SO MUCH!  <3 

You're welcome! <3

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Oh cool! I was legit JUST looking at this the other day, hoping it was still going well. Also, oooh, hidden bad end~ owo


Let us know if you find it! ;)


I admit I had kind of forgotten about this game... and then I saw the notification, and all the hype came back. Thanks for the update, and I'm looking forward to the game <3

Understandable. Thanks. <3

Sweeet Thank you so mucch ><!!

You're welcome! :)

Yay!!! I saw the notification and came immediately!  Thank you for the update <3<3


You're welcome! <3